Animation workcamp for children

Chantier, de 3 semaines, en Inde

  • City / REGION : Pune / MAHARASHTRA
  • Approximate dates of workcamp : 07th - 26th of August 2017
  • Duration : 3 weeks
  • Approximate date of arrival in the country : 06th of August 2017
  • Type of workcamp : animation
  • Beneficiaries : 40 children from ages 6 to 14, children of construction workers, who do not have access to school, children from 0 to 6 if the volunteers have the right skills
  • 2 centre-in-charges, 4 teachers, 1 coordinator
  • Topic : Cultural Exchange
  • Number of volunteers : 04

Additional information

  • Partner : Tara Mobile Creches Pune
  • Field of intervention : Child Participation and/or Early Childhood Care & Education
  • Location : Construction site located in / on periphery of Pune city

Project : Day Care Centre and Creche

Volunteers’ profile :

  • Interested in working with (0-6 & 6-14) years age children
  • Volunteers with special interest in sensory-motor stimulation for children from birth to 3 years of age would be preferred.
  • Interest and competence in animation for children of all ages ; experience in education using games
  • Ability to teach new skills (like arts and crafts, games, music, acting, etc.) to children and staff. Anyone who can teach the children to make French artifacts.
  • Interested and skilled in leading simple activities based on stories, expression (drawing, puppets, mimes, theatre…), language and books (comics, book creation, word games, English alphabet…)
  • Anyone with new ideas relating to the project or story-telling welcome !
  • Sessions can be planned everyday dividing the time into music, dance, language, Audio-visual sessions etc. Fun activities with the 3 to 8 age group and educational activities with 9 to 14 years group.
  • Anyone who can teach French (some spoken words like greeting, adieu, good morning etc.), names of things in their environment in French (they can put up signboards near the object in colloquial language, so they remember it till the next batch comes in.
  • Anyone who can bring videos of France, its natural habitat, animals, birds, flowers, French cuisine, lifestyle, student-life, education system, work-life etc.

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