Support in setting up a social policy impacts analysis for a social business

Congé de solidarité, Moins d’un mois, au Cambodge

The partner

Artisans d’Angkor is a Cambodian semi-public company that was originally created as an association in 1992 to help young people with limited education find jobs in their home village and thus increase their families’ income and slow down rural depopulation.

The mission

One mission has already been organized with Artisans d’Angkor about socio-economic survey methodology (identification of socio-economic impact indicators and target population(s), …).

Regarding this first mission results, Artisans d’Angkor’s team is now collecting the relevant data within its beneficiaries. However, they would need to be trained on how to analyze them, in order to have a scientific and valuable measurement and analysis.

Then, the objective will be to support the partner’s team in analyzing the collected data and identifying the relevant information regarding the partner’s future communication strategy on their social policy impacts.

Moreover, they would need to have support from someone with a good financial/business model knowledge to help them understand better their socio-economical impacts over the craftsmen and their families.

Therefore, the volunteer will have to work on the following steps :

  1. Reminder on data analysis and statistics creation (as Artisans d’Angkor’s team already have some knowledge)
  2. Training on basic financial/business model, in order for AA’s team to understand and analyze better their company’s social policy impacts.

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