Recreational activities for children and youth with disabilities

Chantier, de 2 semaines, aux Philippines

  • City / REGION : Iloilo / VISAYAS REGION 
  • Approximate dates : April 24 – May 6 2017
  • Duration : 2 weeks
  • Type of workcamp : Recreational Activities
  • Beneficiaries : Children and youth with disabilities and their families
  • Topic : Support the psychosocial development of children and youth with disabilities by sharing with them times of joy and offering them opportunities of fulfilment. A spring camp dedicated to offer non-formal education activities and games adapted to children and youth with disabilities. Activities dedicated to promote the gathering and socialization of both disabled and nondisabled children and youth from different communities.
  • Number of volunteers : 02 

Additional information

  • Partner : ULIKID
  • Field of intervention : Disabled children
  • Location : Iloilo
  • Project : ULIKID Community Based Rehabilitation Program Volunteers’


  • Conversational level in English
  • Skills in singing, dancing, acting/drama, circus, puppetry, etc.
  • Experience with recreational activities for children
  • Knowledge and/or experience in non-formal education
  • Able to understand and adapt to rural poor families
  • Experience and/or interest in child protection and disability issues
  • Humble and tolerant 

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