Assistant Operational Manager / Quality controller


Established in 2012, Star Shea Ltd. is a social business dedicated to commercialize shea nuts and butter directly supplied by the Star Shea Network, a federation of rural Ghanaian women involved in informal shea processing. Its mission is to empower these informal shea women producers and provide them with access to the formal economy …


To accomplish this mission, StarShea Ltd. has the following objectives :

  • Reinforce and expand the Star Shea Network (SSN), a national association of shea producers established as part of the “Shea Value Chain Reinforcement Project”, a project implemented by PlaNet Finance and supported by SAP, the European Union and the French Development Agency, to achieve economies of scale
  • Facilitate the production of premium quality shea nuts and butter through the SSN by providing the necessary quality control and training
  • Develop sustainable market outlets and a market strategy to sustain the business and thus the livelihoods of SSN members
  • Diversify and help stabilize the women’s sources of revenue by including shea nuts and shea butter to their income stream.
  • StarShea Ltd. is positioned as a “reliable and sustainable supplier of economic quantities of consistently high quality, traceable and ethically sourced shea kernels and natural butter”.

StarShea Ltd target is to reach 25 000 women within 2017 to reach breakeven.

StarShea Ltd is a social business, ie the management is evaluated on

  • the capacity to increase women’s revenue on a long term perspective
  • the number of women benefiting from the service provided


The volunteer will assist the management in all operational activities ongoing during his presence, depending on the season :

1. Certification process and procedures

StarShea Ltd certifies part of its production as organic and Fair Trade. The volunteer will be in charge of providing a technical assistance to the operational manager and a support of the field staff in the management and follow-up of the certification operations.

  • Management of the traceability information system, in partnership with SAP, a German ICT company. This comprehensive traceability system includes :
  • The database of the women network (“MasterData”).
  • a reporting tool used at the office level to follow the field buying, storing and loading of shea nuts and butter
  • A complex barcode system aimed at tracing the production, its quality (regular, organic, fairtrade) and the producing woman.
  • Follow-up of the certification standards applied by StarShea : in 2014 : the US and EU organic standards, and the Ecocert ESR and IMO Fair For Life FairTrade Standards.
  • Preparation and update of the Internal Control System, the internal procedure guide to be followed for the application of these standards
  • Follow-up of the certification audits : preparation of the supporting documents, internal audits, corrective measures and modification of the procedures following potential nonconformities, relations with the certification bodies under the control of the CEO and of the operation manager.
  • Training of the staff on Organic and FairTrade rules, at the beginning of the production season, and support on technical issues during the campaign.
  • Preparation of the training material for the women groups
  • GPS Mapping of collection areas, map drawing using a GIS system
  • Implementing the shea preservation project with field staff (selection of pilots, shea survey)

In the framework of the FairTrade certification, a specific overview of the 1600 women working in the Karaga district has to be organised. The volunteer will be in charge of preparing the survey and organizing the interviews.

2. Support of the production operations and link with the accounting and marketing department

  • Production supervision : statistics about reception and loading with traceability tools, editing of supporting documents for reception of nuts / butter, payment of the women, sales analysis
  • Technical support of the staff in ICT : improving training methods/skills of Shea Coordinators, Implement training on laptop management, excel training, traceability tool training…
  • Field support : reception / loading / butter processing supervision …
  • Commercial support : communication support to develop (website, leaflet..) with sales assistant for the next season

3. Supervision of sustainability of the shea parkland

In the frame of the certification of part of the production, StarShea is requested to analyse the sustainability of the shea tree resources. It is requested to demonstrate that the company activities are not threatening the long-terms use of the parklands. The volunteer will be invited to :

  • study in the bibliography what is known about the link between shea nut picking from one side, biodiversity and sustainability of the resource from the other side,
  • Identify 3 pilot zones in organic and FairTrade areas to build a control on
  • Build a shea survey tool and implement it in the three zones : number of trees, diameter, other species …
  • Prepare a tool/method for yearly control

TERMS : Location / Contract duration /Department/Description of the missions 

  • Tamale, Ghana
  • 3 months minimum
  • Mission Start : depending on availabilities
  • Department : Administrative and Technical (ICT)
  • Reports Directly : to Operational Manager and/or CEO


  • Ability to understand complex operational procedures
  • Capacity to perform a rigorous work and excellent organizational skills
  • Capacity to work under pressure
  • Autonomy and initiative requested in small scale and fast growing structure
  • Excellent communication and inter-personal skills
  • Flexible and collaborative approach to work, ability to think on your feet


Send your CV with a cover letter to the following email address :
Anna Perinic, CEO / 
And Copy the France Volontaires in Ghana’s address :