Advanced level IT training for the team of PRAGATI - Bureautique

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Pragati’s team members wish to enhance their IT skills in order to produce better reporting and efficient presentation to share their work ; as well as be able to train afterwards the women local government officers.


To train the staff of PRAGATI to enhance their computer skills.

PRAGATI’s team is facing issues with Word and Power Point to develop good reports and share their work with others.

The staff would like to be able to document their work in a more organized manner and enhance the quality of reports prepared.

Furthermore, an advanced computer training will enable PRAGATI to highlight its achievements and success and initiate dialogue for advocacy and lobbying for qualitative change.

In regard to Power point, the team needs an intensive training to develop good presentations that they have to do to put forth to relevant stakeholders the activities they undertake, the success achieved and the challenges faced. This will enable exchange of ideas and further enhance the work of PRAGATI. The team will be able to showcase their activities and achievements in a better manner through improved Power Point presentations.

PRAGATI team also needs to enhance their capacity in Excel in order to better document their Word reports using graphs, etc, and therefore also learn more on maintenance of their Excel tables.
The issues the team faces regarding the database use, maintenance and updating will be specifically covered by another mission to improve their database and learn how to use it in a proper way – see PF nb 2032.

The government is also introducing computers in the Local Self Governance project, so perfecting these skills has become important for the PRAGATI team. They will further train their beneficiaries, the Panchayati Raj functionaries (local government officers), with these skills.


Training PRAGATI staff to enhance their capacity with practical sessions on :

  • general maintenance of a computer and file management,
  • Word to do better reporting and gain time,
  • Excel to learn about the software functions (formula, graph…) to include data in their Word report and maintenance of tables,
  • Power Point to produce effective presentation.

The trainer(s) should keep in mind that PRAGATI staff will afterwards try to transfer this knowledge amongst their beneficiaries i.e. Panchayati Raj functionaries, who have basic knowledge in computer, and also promote e-governance.

This will build the capacity of the local people who otherwise do not get any opportunity to enhance their skills.

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