Communication : Training in report and proposal writing for URJA’s staff members

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URJA would like its staff to be able to write target-specific reports and proposals.


To train URJA’s staff members in report and proposal writing.

URJA would like to build the capacity of their staff in presentation writing, activities/programmes documentation, report and proposal writing.

At the moment, URJA’s staffs do not know which information to share with their different stakeholders (general partners, partners for specific programme…). They don’t know how to adapt the information according the purpose and the target.

Therefore, they have difficulties in writing proposals and adapted presentations of their organization.

This lack of knowledge affects the development of new projects and of their network. It also reduces their ability to get new funds.

Support in proposal and report writing is available locally but URJA does not have the funds to pay for it.


The Planète Urgence volunteer will have to train the beneficiaries in :

  • writing reports on their activities putting forward specific elements according to the aim of the report
  • drafting proposals in an organised and effective way

The most important thing being to give them the tools to identify which information should be put forward according to the different targets and goals of the documents.

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