Friends Incubator Coordinator

VSI, de 12 mois, au Cambodge

Context of the volunteering assignment

Friends-International began supporting children and young people who were living and working on the streets of the Cambodian capital, Phnom Penh, in August 1994. At first the program was known as ‘Little Friends’, then ‘Friends’, then ‘Mith Samlanh’, which is Khmer for ‘friends’.
Friends-International supported the development of this program and its localization in 1999.

Due to the success of Mith Samlanh, an increasing number of organizations and countries became interested in the work carried out by Friends-International. At the request of various international organizations (including UNICEF and the Inter-American Development Bank), Governments (Government of the Lao PDR) and local organizations, Friends-International expanded its work across South East Asia and beyond.

The current worldwide systems and policies allow millions of children to live and work on the margins of society : This is not acceptable and affects us all.

Together we can build a future where all children are safe from all forms of abuse and become functional productive citizens of their country and contribute to a more peaceful, equitable and sustainable world.

Volunteer’s assignment framework

Summary of the volunteering assignment

To save lives and build futures of marginalized children & youth, their families and their communities by ensuring training and employment opportunities for youth through Friends’ newly started creative space and Incubation Project, whilst also contributing to Friends’ financial sustainability
The Friends Incubation Coordinator helps to conceptualize, rollout and later manage the incubation element of a newly started Friends project in Phnom Penh. A later replication in Thailand, Laos or Indonesia is to be explored as the initial 3-year project progresses.

Main activities to be done

  • Lead incubation project for Young Cambodian Entrepreneurs (YCE) to develop their ideas for social enterprises (with a focus for employment and environmental issues) and other creative start-up projects
  • Conceptualize program aiming at supporting 40 YCE over 4 years, 10 YCE are selected every year in 2 cycles, short (6 months) and long (12 months)
  • Build supporting structure for mentoring of YCE taping into Friends team, local corporate volunteers, international university students and other professional mentors or volunteers ; actively take part in mentoring process where applicable
  • Build connections between YCE projects and other elements of Hive project, like co-working space, vocational training businesses, ChildSafe academy, creative art spaces and more
  • Develop all elements required to set up and pilot first wave of YCE intake
  • Monitor progress and impact of YCE, develop learnings and make adaptations to approach based on first wave experiences
  • Build communication strategy for project and network with local communities and stakeholders and represent Friends in external meetings

Duration of the volunteering assignment : 12 months

Place of the assignment : Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Availability : From January 29 to February 3, 2018, for the preparation session. Beginning of the volunteering assignment : mid-February 2018.

Requested volunteer’s profile

Background required

Graduated Degree in Business, Marketing and Sales, Social Business, Entrepreneurship, Coaching/Mentoring

Professional experience required

  • Experience in incubator/start-up scene, marketing and sales, business development or consulting
  • Work experience and education in business administration related fields preferred.

Main skills required

Excellent communication and interpersonal skills to collaborate with local teams based in Phnom Penh and interact professionally with external stakeholders

Language(s) required and level

High level of English

Terms of VSI contract with France Volontaires

  • Status of the International Solidarity Volunteer (law of 2005) ;
  • Installation allowance and relocation allowance upon return ;
  • Monthly subsistence allowance : this allowance does not have the character of a salary or remuneration, and allows the volunteering assignment to be carried out in decent living conditions ;
  • Social insurance (complementary insurance, repatriation insurance, old-age insurance) ;
  • Accommodation ;
  • Travel costs between the place of residence and the place of employment (both ways).

To apply

Send a resume and a cover letter in English to :

Please indicate in the subject of the email : « Mission 7C1145 Friends International ». 

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