Inventory of flora varieties en Inde

Congé Solidaire® de 2 semaines en INDE (Goregaon - Maharashtra)


Since the land around the centre is full of a variety of plants/trees/herbs Sane Guruji Rashtriya Smarak Trust would like to map the available varieties.
This could be a very rich source of knowledge as well as ecotourism. This will increase the visitors to the organization and make its work more visible and increase the possibilities of donors and fund-raising. 
Also students/botanists can use this place for studies, educational projects, etc. since very few such places are available in the vicinity of Mumbai.
This type of support is available locally but is expensive to access.


The Sane Guruji Rashtriya Smarak Trust would like someone to be able to teach the staff of the centre the basic rules of classification and method of mapping. Also, s/he could train the staff to update the inventory in future.

The participants will learn how to classify and mapping techniques of the flora. This will help their own knowledge as well as create a knowledge bank for the society at large. They will be able to continue this mapping and keep adding to the flora thus increasing the bio-diversity and maintaining it.
This will help in increasing the visibility as well as the significance of the organization in the field of environment education.


Congé Solidaire - 2 semaines - 1850€ (défiscalisables)

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