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VSI au Cambodge

For Action Against Hunger, the volunteer will be in charge of elaboration of document for fundraising (proposals, concept notes, expressions of interests,…), and for donor reporting, for Nature of the mission* : The volunteer will be in charge of elaboration of document for fundraising (proposals, concept notes, expressions of interests,…), and for donor reporting.

The context

Action Against Hunger has served vulnerable populations in Cambodia from 1988 to 2007 to improve their access to a sufficient quantity of affordable and nutritious food, safe drinking water and improved latrines, and to reduce the damage caused by natural hazards. When our teams left Cambodia, the trends for the country’s malnutrition rates were decreasing and the humanitarian situation had stabilized. Seven years later, Cambodia is still one of the poorest and least developed countries in Southeast Asia. Rates of malnutrition and waterborne diseases are on the rise, and rural populations face mounting agricultural challenges made worse by deforestation, natural disasters and climate change.
Therefore, ACF’s dedicated team is re-establishing programs in Cambodia through a holistic approach along with the support of an enabling environment, including policies and working closely with the national government, other non-profit partners, and communities in Cambodia to address malnutrition.

Problematic and stakes :

Although much economic and social progress has been made in the last 20 years in Cambodia, it should not detract attention from the alarming nutritional situation. Cambodia is among the 40 worst countries globally for acute malnutrition in children, and malnutrition accounts for 1/3 of child deaths. Children and women’s undernutrition has serious long-term and adverse health, social, and economic consequences for the Cambodian population.

Purpose and objectives : 

Action Against Hunger Cambodia Mission will develop its activities in three different and complementary approaches : direct implementation at field level, technical assistance to other actors, advocacy and lobbying. Concretely, it has been breakdown in 4 goals :

  • Goal #1 : To implement directly and in partnership projects in the fields to treat and prevent malnutrition
  • Goal #2 : To ensure additional and diversify external funding to develop and secure our intervention
  • Goal #3 : To develop nutrition-sensitive approach in food security and livelihood interventions implemented by other stakeholders.
  • Goal #4 : To raise advocacy at national level and to strengthen our influence in the fight against malnutrition in Cambodia

The mission :

  • To provide in timely manner concise documents that are written to an exceptional quality for fundraising (proposals, concept notes, expressions of interests,…)
  • To ensure that donor reports that are due, meet both ACF and donors quality requirements and are timely submitted
  • To increase our proposal writing capacity by assessing our working environment

Concrete activities to be done :

  • Upon receiving ideas and/or propositions of new project from CD, prepare a short analysis based on literature review and field visits and submit it to CD
  • Upon decision taken to elaborate a document for fundraising,
    • Support the coordination team to define the outline of the future project (LFA approach)
    • Coordinate with the CT to write the document, narrative and financial, to edit and to ensure the document meets donor’s requirement
    • Ensure the dossier for funding meets “ACF’s submission checklist”
  • Ensure high quality writing drawing information from complex and detailed sources
  • Provide technical writing support to other members of the team
  • Elaborate and monthly update the list of outstanding donor reports
  • Coordinate with CT to write the donors reports
  • Upon CD’s request, make literature review, collect information, prepare specific dossiers
  • Check regularly the main websites : CARD, MoH, HIS Cambodia, Ministry of Planning, CDC, … (list non exhaustive) to follow up of the situation on nutrition, health, wash, FSL in Cambodia and provide executive summary to the CD

Place and duration

  • Duration : 12 months, renewable
  • Date for the beginning : 21 September July 2016
  • City : Phnom Penh

The main skills looked for :

  • Fundraising
  • Strategic actors Analysis
  • Communication 

Background and professional experience required :

  • Bachelor’s degree in project management or business development or marketing and communication or relevant field.
  • Master’s degree in relevant field is an asset
  • Minimum 3 years of experience in proposal and report writing in development context
  • Minimum 3 years of experience with Logical Framework Approach, project management and project cycle management, including project design, implementation and evaluation
  • Demonstrated experience of leading the preparation of successful funding proposals (narrative and budget) with one or more of the following donors UN, USAID, EU, ADB, World Bank, Grant Foundation
  • Good understanding of donor guidelines, reporting mechanisms and requirements
  • Strong ability to organize, summarize and analyze information
  • Excellent self-motivation skills and flexible attitude
  • Ability to work and make decision independently
  • Ability to coordinate with other departments and experience working inside a team
  • Computer literate and proficiency in Microsoft

Languages (read, written, spoken) : Proficient professional English, with extraordinary writing and editorial qualities


Send a motivation letter, and your CV to : candidatures@france-volontaires.org

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