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Established in 2012, Star Shea Ltd. is a social business dedicated to commercialize shea nuts and butter directly supplied by the Star Shea Network, a federation of rural Ghanaian women involved in informal shea processing. Its mission is to empower these informal shea women producers and provide them with access to the formal economy …


To accomplish this mission, StarShea Ltd. has the following objectives :

  • Reinforce and expand the Star Shea Network (SSN), a national association of shea producers established as part of the “Shea Value Chain Reinforcement Project”, a project implemented by PlaNet Finance and supported by SAP, the European Union and the French Development Agency, to achieve economies of scale
  • Facilitate the production of premium quality shea nuts and butter through the SSN by providing the necessary quality control and training
  • Develop sustainable market outlets and a market strategy to sustain the business and thus the livelihoods of SSN members
  • Diversify and help stabilize the women’s sources of revenue by including shea nuts and shea butter to their income stream.
  • StarShea Ltd. is positioned as a “reliable and sustainable supplier of economic quantities of consistently high quality, traceable and ethically sourced shea kernels and natural butter”.

StarShea Ltd target is to reach 25 000 women within 2017 to reach breakeven.

StarShea Ltd is a social business, ie the management is evaluated on

  • the capacity to increase women’s revenue on a long term perspective
  • the number of women benefiting from the service provided


1. Preparing the transition for the women to become shareholders of StarShea Ltd.

One of the objectives of the StarShea project is to directly involve the women of the network in the management of the business. The producers must be given the opportunity to take part of the company strategic orientation and development.

In this context, the volunteer will have to :

  1. 1. Identify existing models of farmers’ owned organizations in Africa, and the Region, and find out Key Factors of Success
  2. 2. Identify optimized organization / governance for StarShea – StarShea Network relation based on existing structures
  3. 3. Recommend optimized legal structure for StarShea Network to get shareholding
  4. 4. Recommend transition and acquiring mode : cost of share, dividend distribution, new groups integration...
  5. 5. Identify need in training and plan / strategize empowerment steps with the partners NGO working with the existing groups of women : PlaNet Finance / Jaksally / other partners…

2. Organising the management of the warehouses and of the butter processing centres.

StarShea is currently planning the building of :

  • Warehouses, decentralised in the communities where the company is working. These storing rooms will be used to keep the nuts received from the women, waiting for their loading to clients ;
  •  Processing centres. For the time being, the processing into butter is made in some of the communities. In order to improve the quality management as well as the profitability of the business plan, SSL consider the possibility to create centralised processing centres for the organic butter production.

For both facilities, the management structure has to be analysed and defined. The volunteer will have to :

  • study the possible legal form that would be the more adapted to these projects, and in particular the possibility to create a cooperative of women
  • Analyse and recommend the better location
  • Recommend transition and acquiring mode, adapted to the Ghanaian context
  • Propose a timetable and a plan to reach the proposed option.

3. Identify new business opportunities for shea in food industry by substitution of palm oil

1. Identify key issues of usage of palm oil, and industry / brands which might have higher concern about that

2. Check shea specifics active ingredients and compare to palm oil benefits/draw backs

3. Build opportunity selection for shea and marketing positioning to access the market

4. Evaluating feasibility of diversification opportunities, through the production and marketing of honey

1. Examine the technical issues linked with honey production in terms of storing, packaging, logistics… and study the possibilities of cost synergies with the current shea activity

2. Investigate the marketing opportunities –in cosmetic industry and food industry- for StarShea, given its current clients and markets for shea products.

3. Seek for potential local partners already involved in honey production activities, whose values could match with StarShea social approach.

4. Build opportunity selection for honey product and marketing positioning to access the market.

TERMS : Location / Contract duration /Department/Description of the missions 

  • Tamale, Ghana
  • 3 months minimum
  • Mission Start : depending on availabilities
  • Department : Public relations and Production
  • Reports Directly : to Operation Manager and or CEO


  • Must be innovative and result oriented 
  • Capacity to perform a rigorous work and excellent organizational skills
  • Capacity to work under pressure
  • Autonomy and initiative requested in small scale and fast growing structure
  • Excellent communication and inter-personal skills
  • Flexible and collaborative approach to work, ability to think on your feet


Send your CV with a cover letter to the following email address :
Anna Perinic, CEO /
And Copy the France Volontaires in Ghana’s address :