Voluntary Service Centre network

Voluntary Service Centres are centres for physical and virtual resources dedicated to all those involved in voluntary service (applicants, volunteers and unpaid workers, support structures, departure facilities).
Today, France Volontaires has 25 Voluntary Service Centre throughout the world. 
Each centre has a dedicated Facebook page and is progressively building a Dailymotion channel.
All the information is gathered together by country on the site of Voluntary Service Centre network.


The aim of the Observatory of voluntary and interdependent international commitments is to spread awareness of the various ways French citizens can commit themeselves. As a tool for observation, collection and analysis of data, it regularly publishes studies on "VIES" (Volontariats Internationaux d’Echange et de Solidarité, International Exchange and Solidarity Volunteering) in France and abroad. It is run jointly by the LONG-Volontariat, the Fonjep, Cotravaux, RITIMO and CCFD-Terre Solidaire
All the information on the Internet site of the Observatory.

Latitude France, rubrique Volontariats internationaux

Latitude France is the website for news from the French cultural and cooperation network around the world. France Volontaires provides the information for the page dedicated to international volunteering.
All the information on the international volunteering page of the site Latitude France.