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Training for the sport teachers of Purkal Youth Development Society in table tennis, volley ball, badminton and basket ball.

This mission will help build up the technical skills of the sports teachers of Purkal Youth Development Society’s school in tennis, volley ball, badminton and basket ball.


Purkal Youth Development Society was founded by Mr. Swamy in 2003 in the rural community of Purkal. This initiative has been unique in that it has grown without governmental financial support, has been targeted at the poorest community and is an example of what can be achieved by quiet, determined self-less effort aimed at putting heart into a despondent community. The organization has been steadily built and is today self-sustaining, depending on the local community for its management. 

Purkal village is located 20 Km from the city of Dehradun, a rural area situated in the foothills of the Himalayas suffering backward conditions. Access to water supply and electricity were difficult and the roads poor. More importantly the government and other schools that served the village were badly run unable to provide meaningful education. The backwardness of this area was the reason PYDS decided to reach out to the poor rural children, especially girls. 

PYDS provides outstanding education accompanied with complete nutrition, comprehensive health support and transportation. Children gaining entry into professional programs are also supported financially and otherwise. All these inputs are given completely free of cost. The students are targeting topnotch professions. This calls for excellent learning at school including proficiency in English and computers, ability to think and resolve complex problems and an overall personality development.

PYDS has different programs within its “Society” :

  • Early Childhood Learning Centre : A 7 hour care facility for children in the age group of 3 to 5 years-old whose mothers work in PYDS’s sister organization “Stree Shakti”, which strives for women’s empowerment. Along with free education, children receive comprehensive immunization, nutrition and health care.
  • On To Life : A program aimed at assisting the students post schooling by providing support through counseling, scholarships, interest free loans etc… to help pursue their university education.
  • Community Development : The “PYD Society” actively promotes important social initiatives like anti-plastic drive, blood donation camps, building social awareness through street plays, building toilets and a range of environmental, health and sanitation issues.
  • PYDS Learning Academy : PYDS’s school attempts to reach out to the poor needy rural children, especially girls. PYDS is running a CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) affiliated school, up to Class 12 (Terminale), which included 329 children in 2014. These disadvantaged students come from the surrounding 35 villages and the school provides free transport so that children can commute from the remote, hilly areas. The school has innovative practices such as running 10 hours a day and running 6 days a week, 50 more days than the other schools with only 21–25 students in each class. Apart from academics, students get an exposure to dance, drama, theatre, yoga, field trips, excursions, adventure activities etc.
  • Shishu Shakti (ECLC) was established to help the women working with PYDS’ sister organization “Stree Shakti”. These women hail from the surrounding villages. With a free 7-hour long day care facility for their children these women do not have to worry about bathing, feeding and educating their child or taking care of them in any other way and can therefore focus on earning a living.

The direct beneficiaries of PYDS’ project are over 300. PYDS covers a total of 35 villages in and around Purkal with a population of well over 15,000 with around 5,000 people living in precarious conditions. All the students who study at PYDS belong to very poor families living in these villages. 

PYDS sustains entirely on donations. They have over 400 individuals supporting them. 

55 persons are working in PYDS + 1 volunteer.


To provide technical skills to the Purkal Youth Development Society sports teachers to enhance their capacity to teach theory and practice of sports activities like tennis, volley ball, badminton and basket ball, to the students from class 6 to 12 (between 12 and 18 years old).

The students of Purkal Youth Development Society are constantly participating in Inter School competition and had satisfactory results in the past. Their Junior Girls won the Interschool Shadoya Competition in Basketball in 2013. 

The school wishes to capacitate the two sports teachers and their assistants to properly train the students and help them to enhance their skills of the games. They wish to make them eligible to participate in Inter School Competitions in more sport categories and also make them participate in State Level Competitions. 

The school sustains entirely on donations and this type of support is available in at very high cost. Purkal Youth Development Society does not have the financial resources to meet this support for their teachers and their students.

Intervention du volontaire

The Planète Urgence volunteer’s intervention will facilitate the development of the sports teachers skills :

  • prepare and implement coaching sessions : techniques, tactics adapted to each post of the game ;
  • manage a team and its players individually ;
  • define tactics according to the opponents : launch an attack, organize the defense, play with partners, etc.
  • evaluate the progress of the players ;

This will help for the blossoming of the students as sports participate to maintain physical condition and good health on top of developing respect values and team spirit.

The volunteer can also help the sports teachers to introduce new activities in their program as orienteering, aerobic, gymnastic, handball or any other sports activities that can be relevant in the school.

La mission



Transfert sur le lieu de mission

One of the employees will receive the volunteer and escort her/him by taxi. It takes about 2 hours to travel from the airport to the guest house/hotel.

Condition d’hébergement et d’intendance

The volunteer will stay in a Bed and Breakfast Home stay in the vicinity. It should take about 30/40minutes to travel everyday by taxi arranged for daily transportation.

There will be individual rooms, with electricity, Internet, attached bathrooms and air conditioning. Protection against mosquitoes will be provided.

Moyens mis en oeuvre

Whiteboard, paperboard, computers, video-projector and Internet connection are available with a good system configuration. 

Purkal Youth Development Society has a well laid out Basketball and Volleyball courts, and other facilities for athletics.


Where : The volunteer will work in Purkal Youth Development Society’s school in Purkal Village and will participate in the activities of the PYDS Learning Academy managed by the Society.

When : The School works between 7.30 am and 5.30 pm every day of the week, including Saturdays, with a lunch break between 1.30 pm and 2.30 pm. Usually the game classes for the students start after 10 am. The volunteer will work for 5 days per week or more should s/he wish so.

On all working days, lunches will be provided in the office along with all the staff. Breakfast and dinner will be provided at the Bed and Breakfast Home stay. 

This mission can happened during the summer and winter vacations preferably during the months of May and December.

Possible dates of the volunteer will be confirmed according to the Festival holiday dates, which are based on the Lunar calendar and change every year.


If the mission occurs in winter time, the volunteer should bear in mind that the month of December is really cold in Uttarakhand and that s/he has to live without a heater.

Les bénéficiaires

Nom des bénéficiaires : The two sports teachers of Purkal Youth Development Society and their assistants.

Nombre de participants : 4

Niveau des participants : They are teaching around 145 students. The teachers are fluent in English.

Formation des participants

They have received a Sport teacher training specifically in Basketball with a Planète Urgence’s volunteer in December 2014. Before they never received professional sport teacher training.

They wish to take part in the mission as it will help them to improve their teaching and coaching skills and will therefore help the students to improve their game level and enjoy playing more.

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