Technical Assistance for a rural development project in Ghana

Project reception

Partners :

The main goal of the Ghanaian Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MoFA) is to create an environment for sustainable growth and development in the Agricultural Sector that would ensure : Food and raw material security, higher employment, reduction in poverty and the creation of wealth, greater contribution of the sector to GDP, foreign exchange earnings. The vision of the ministry is to accelerate Growth in Agriculture through modernization of the sector. MoFA’s mission is to promote sustainable agriculture and thriving agribusiness through research processors, and traders for improved human livelihood.

The French Development Agency (AFD) is a financial institution that is at the heart of France’s Development Assistance policy. Its mission is to finance development. Thanks to the broad line of financial tools that it has been able to engineer and enhance, AFD supports public authorities, the private sector and local associate networks, to implement a wide range of social and economic projects.

History of the project :

AFD funded the Lowland Rice Development Project (LRDP) from 1998 to 2003, which objective was to develop the rice production in the Northern Region of Ghana, mainly around Tamale.

At the end of the LRDP, the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, through the French Embassy in Ghana, funded the Food Security and Rice Producers Organisation Project (FSRPOP), which aims at following-up the support of rice producers in the Northern Region. This project also provides assistance at the national level to the policy makers in favour of the rice sector, as part of Ghanaian policy for food security. The FSRPOP has two components : (i) at the field level in the Northern Region with support to Farmer-based organizations (FBO’s) and more extensively to groups of stakeholders involved in the rice sector, (ii) at the national level, with the support to the Ghanaian Rice Interprofessional Body (GRIB). GRIB’s activities are to ensure some advocacy on the rice sector towards policy makers and also to support its members in their current activities. 

The Government of Ghana (GoG) through MoFA requested AFD to fund a new project in the rice sector. Several feasibilities studies were achieved. The result was a proposal for a new project called “Support to the rice sector in Ghana”, which has been proposed to AFD’s financing. The project (RSSP – Rice Sector Support Project) has been agreed and signed with the Government of Ghana in august 2007.

Project’s objectives

  • The initiative for the “support to the rice sector in four regions of Northern Ghana” project comes from the Government of Ghana, through MoFA (Ministry of food and agriculture).
  • The overall objective of the project is to improve livelihood of poor farmers of northern Ghana through the development of a sustainable economic activity based on the natural potential of the regions

The project will have three complementary objectives :

1. To develop rice production, in 4 administrative Regions : Northern Region, Upper East Region, Upper West Region and Volta Region. This objective will address several issues :

  • Land development : to provide adapted infrastructures in lowland areas. The technical design of the land development will be done by consultancy firms to be hired through a bidding process. The investment in the field will be implemented by a company to be hired.
  • Capacity building : to help them form farmer-based organizations. Literacy classes will also be included. The capacity building activities will be implemented by local NGOs selected through a bidding process
  • Agricultural technical support
  • Access to credit : to facilitate the interaction between credit providers and their clients and by improving financial risk assessment

2. To sustain the action of the GRIB (Ghanaian Rice Interprofessional Body) with a perspective of financial sustainability

3. To develop research activities in cooperation with SARI (Savannah Research Institute)

Mission description

Purpose of mission :

The volunteer “Junior Technical Assistant (JTA)” to the Project Coordinator Unit (PCU) of the Rice Sector Support Project (RSSP) will take over from the current volunteer. He/She will be assigned to give an additional support to PCU’s staff. He/she will be assigned to PCU on M&E (monitoring and evaluation) activities particularly to be in charge of data analysis and evaluation. The incumbent as support of PCU’s staff will closely work with the Zonal Technical agents on the tasks describe further below.

Expected activities and possible outputs :

Capitalization on the process implemented by PCU :

  • Lowland developpement components
  • Water management guidelines
  • Role of FBO’s and valley management committees ( VMC’s)
  • Harmonization of the content of training among NGO’s and between NGO’s and NFED – FRI- AEA’s

Assessment of the impact of the project :

  • Collecting data on rice and following up basics information related to cropped areas and yields
  • Setting up of a deeper assessment of farmers, technical and economical results for the subsequent cropping seasons
  • Design capacity building program that fit farmer’s needs and concerns.
  • Design capacity building program on water management related to PCU and developpement engineers
  • Assess the quality of the services providers under PCU’s contracts

Concrete activities / responsibilities of the volunteer :

  • Monitoring and follow up of the general implementation of RSSP’s activities ( work plans, meeting held, etc)
  • Monitoring and follow up of the NGO’s – NFED contracts ( reporting and financial aspects)
  • Support the implantation of capacity building activities and research activities that involve FBO’s and VMC’s
  • Carry out studies on the specifics needs raised by the projects and or/ partners
  • Setting up of studies related to specifical needs raised by the project management and or/ partners.
  • Follow up fields data’s collection designed.
  • Provide information to record and update data bases at the PCU level in connection with Zonal technical advisors (ZTA’s)
  • Participate in the reporting at the PCU level (quarterly and yearly).
  • Inform RSSP ‘s management staff about matters raised beyond their capability
  • Contribute to the communication of the results of the project to the Project Coordinating Unit (PCU).

Geographical location of the worksite :

  • The volunteer will be located at PCU Tamale office of Tamale-Northern Region

Intended means of transportation :

  • Motorbike (not to go on the field => for the field activities, one vehicle is available)

To whom does the volunteer report in the course of her/his work ?

  • The volunteer will be under the responsibility of the National Project Coordinator who will delegate the supervision of day-to-day activities to the Monitoring and Evaluation Officer.
  • The Country Representative of FRANCE VOLONTAIRES in Ghana is in charge of the statutory management

Profile of the Volunteer

Level of Education : 

Agro-economist with at least a diploma equivalent to 4 years studies after baccalaureate equivalent of Master Degree.

Desired Training :

The volunteer should have a specialization in monitoring and evaluation, or a specialization or a relevant experience on FBO’s, or a specialization in small scale irrigation and agriculture. He/she will have demonstrated a particular interest about development problems. He/she should have a very good level of English. 

Other requirements :

  • Ability to read GPS Coordinates and forward into computer for data collection
  • Good communication skills ( tact , good judgement, patience, commitment and self motivations)
  • Good organisational skills.

Conditions :

Candidatez :

  • Lettre de motivation et CV en anglais à envoyer à :
  • Indiquer en objet de votre mail : « Mission 4G1048 – RSSP- MoFA – Ghana »
  • Date limite de validité de l’annonce : 21 mars 2015

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