Vocational Training Technical Coordinator

VSI, de 18 mois, au Cambodge

Context of the volunteering assignment

There are an estimated 100 million street children worldwide. Friends-International (FI) began supporting children and young people who were living and working on the streets of the Cambodian capital, Phnom Penh, in August 1994. FI believes in building a world where no child or young person has to live or work on the streets. Since 1994, FI has been actively working towards this by developing an international network that provides the highest standard of services for street children and youth, their families and their communities, to encourage them to become productive citizens (ChildSafe Alliance). FI incorporates an active social marketing component into its programs, promoting an effective and sustainable developmental approach to its work. It also ensures effective monitoring and evaluation, so its projects are models of best practice.

FI first started working with street children in Phnom Penh, Cambodia in 1994. The initial project was called ’Friends’ or ’Mith Samlanh’ in Cambodian Khmer language.
Due to the success of Mith Samlanh, an increasing number of organizations and countries became interested in the work carried out by Friends-International. At the request of various international organizations (including UNICEF and the Inter-American Development Bank), Governments (Government of the Lao PDR) and local organizations, Friends-International expanded its work across South East Asia and beyond.

Friends International is a social enterprise that :

  • Protects urban children and youth from all forms of abuse within the scope of the International Convention of the Rights of the Child.
  • Reintegrates marginalized urban children and youth so they become actively involved in the development of their society.
  • Prevents urban children and youth from engaging in risky behavior and/or dangerous situations that compromise their futures.
  • Improves the way organizations work by promoting innovative and effective approaches with the active participation of the children and youth.
  • Influences all tiers of society to provide supportive environments and adopt positive behavior changes.

Volunteer’s assignment framework

Summary of the volunteering assignment

To save lives and build futures of marginalized children and youth, their families and their communities by supporting training businesses within Friends International programs and partners, the volunteer will ensure high quality of vocational training (VT) delivered to students as well as financial sustainability of the operations.

Main activities to be done

  • Ensure VT projects operate in line with Friends values, missions, objectives
  • With guidance and direction from International Programs Coordinator facilitate implementation of annual strategic plan VT activities, providing support to the VT managers and the team
  • In collaboration with Headquarter Technical Support teams, ensure programs are providing high quality VT to children & youth, and caretakers and quality reporting to donors and other stakeholders
  • Work with local teams to develop training materials/curriculums and activities ensuring best innovative practices in VT businesses
  • Coordination support from Friends Social Businesses team ensuring VT businesses are financially sustainable and providing high quality customer service
  • Support the local teams in monitoring, evaluation and research ; accurate data collection, timely reporting to donors, review of financial reports to donors, reporting to Headquarters and assessment of results
  • Provide capacity building to all staff in efficiently using log frames, work plans, budgets, staff management, business management, analyzing data and producing high quality reports
  • Represent Friends and the VT projects during visits and different stakeholder’s meetings
  • Support the grant-writing and fundraising functions in collaboration with local teams and the Partnerships/Fundraising team
  • Communicate effectively with donors, partners, teams and provide input and support for communications activities
  • Sharing best practices to other partner organizations

Duration of the proposed volunteering assignment : 18 months

Place of volunteer’s residence : Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Availability : Preparation training from the 1st to the 6th of October 2018 (near Paris). Beginning of the volunteering assignment : October 2018.

Requested volunteer’s profile

Background required

Training and Coaching principles, Curriculum design, Social Business, International Development

Professional experience required

  • Highly experienced in working with vocational trainings  ;
  • Experienced providing training and coaching to teams on the field ;
  • Experience in project management, team management, budget management.

Main skills required

  • You are able to work with others : able to coordinate and collaborate with multiple teams effectively ;
  • You have strong (self) management ability : highly independent in managing their own workload and supporting the management of others ;
  • You have problem Solving capacity : high level of problems solving both on a strategic as well as on operational level, and ability to bring solutions to the table ;
  • You are highly sensitive to work with teams of different cultural and personal backgrounds ;
  • You are confident with all Microsoft Office packages (especially Excel).

Language(s) required and level

Excellent level of English both spoken and written

Terms of VSI contract

  • Status of the International Solidarity Volunteer (law of 2005) ;
  • Installation allowance and relocation allowance upon return ;
  • Monthly subsistence allowance : this allowance does not have the character of a salary or remuneration, and allows the volunteering assignment to be carried out in decent living conditions ;
  • Social insurance (complementary insurance, repatriation insurance, old-age insurance) ;
  • Accommodation ;
  • Travel costs between the place of residence and the place of employment (both ways).

To apply

Resume and cover letter (in English) sent before the 10th of September to : candidatures@france-volontaires.org

Please note the following object in your e-mail : « Mission N°7C1151 Friends International ».

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