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Established in 2012, Star Shea Ltd. is a social business dedicated to commercialize shea nuts and butter directly supplied by the Star Shea Network, a federation of rural Ghanaian women involved in informal shea processing. Its mission is to empower these informal shea women producers and provide them with access to the formal economy …


To accomplish this mission, StarShea Ltd. has the following objectives :

  • Reinforce and expand the Star Shea Network (SSN), a national association of shea producers established as part of the “Shea Value Chain Reinforcement Project”, a project implemented by PlaNet Finance and supported by SAP, the European Union and the French Development Agency, to achieve economies of scale
  • Facilitate the production of premium quality shea nuts and butter through the SSN by providing the necessary quality control and training
  • Develop sustainable market outlets and a market strategy to sustain the business and thus the livelihoods of SSN members
  • Diversify and help stabilize the women’s sources of revenue by including shea nuts and shea butter to their income stream.
  • StarShea Ltd. is positioned as a “reliable and sustainable supplier of economic quantities of consistently high quality, traceable and ethically sourced shea kernels and natural butter”.

StarShea Ltd target is to reach 25 000 women within 2017 to reach breakeven.

StarShea Ltd is a social business, ie the management is evaluated on

  • the capacity to increase women’s revenue on a long term perspective
  • the number of women benefiting from the service provided


1. Warehouse project

StarShea Ltd is currently planning to build three warehouses, with the financial support of Loaders, one of its client.

For the time being, StarShea Ltd is renting a warehouse in each community where it is working. This warehouse belongs either to the traditional authorities (community chief), to a particular woman of the network, or to somebody independent from the project. The purposes of the mission is to build (or acquire) storing facilities whose property could be finally shared between SSL, Loaders and the network.

Several options have to be discussed, in particular the choice of the location. Three locations for each different type of warehouses within the network can be considered :

  • Scattered community
  • Overseas communities
  • Large volumes communities where transport to warehouse would be cheaper than truck picking

2. Fully mechanised processing centre

For its regular production, StarShea Ltd development plan integrate the building of a processing factory, with the objective of converting the nuts bought from the women network into high quality butter. 
The technology used for the processing have not yet been validated by SSL board, but would probably be based on an expeller to extract the oil from the shea kernels.

A warehouse will have to be associated to the processing facility, possibly in relation to the previously described warehouse project.

3. Semi-traditional processing centres

For the organic production, StarShea Ltd considers building semi-traditional processing centres, i.e. based on the traditional method to process shea butter in the communities, but improving some of the steps that can be mechanised (in particular to improve the energy efficiency of the process).

A warehouse will have to be associated to each centre, possibly in relation to the previously described warehouse project.

For the processing centres, a preliminary technical study has already been made. However, some of the technical issues have still to be discussed, and the design choices have not yet been decided. Depending on the cost of the different options, the choices of investments will have to be validated by SSL board.

The warehouses are less complex from a technical point of view ; however the full feasibility and design study has still to be proposed.

In this context, the volunteer, depending on his/her skills, will have to :

  • Evaluate size of the facilities, depending on the current and expected volumes for the covered area. Location options will be discussed in function of the logistic and transport issues.
  • A construction model will be proposed, taking into account the expected technical features and depending on cost estimates.

Depending on the investment choices :

  • Writing the specifications (choice of equipment, access solutions to water and energy, water treatment, design of the centres and management of the product flows, storing and conditions of storing…)
  • Call for tenders, choice of suppliers, contract agreement
  • Monitoring of the building phases

TERMS : Location / Contract duration /Department/ Description of the missions 

• Tamale, Ghana
• 3 months minimum
• Mission Start : depending on availabilities
• Department : Administrative / warehouse
• Reports Directly : CEO


  • Must be innovative and result oriented 
  • Capacity to perform a rigorous work and excellent organizational skills
  • Capacity to work under pressure
  • Autonomy and initiative requested in small scale and fast growing structure
  • Excellent communication and inter-personal skills
  • Flexible and collaborative approach to work, ability to think on your feet


Send your CV with a cover letter to the following email address :
Anna Perinic, CEO / anna.perinic@starshea.com
And Copy the France Volontaires in Ghana’s address : ev.ghana@france-volontaires.org.

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