IVO4ALL: 8 recommendations to create a fair inclusive environment


The European project IVO4All (International Volunteering Opportunities for All) comes to his end. The five participating countries (France, the United Kingdom, Italy, Lithuania and Luxembourg) organize an international conference on Tuesday, June 6th, at the European and Economic Social Committee, in Brussels.


The evaluation of the experimentation conducted to the formulation of two types of recommendations : strategic recommendations for policy makers and operational recommendations for practitioners (and in particular sending organisations). These recommendations have been discussed with the consortium partners (the first day of the 6th Project Steering Committee has been dedicated to this discussion and further one to ones exchanges have been organised with the project partners) and some decision makers in public administrations involved.

Strategic recommendations

In accordance with the conclusions of the IVO4all experimentation and the already existing EU level policy recommendations to Member States, the evaluators recommend that Member States define, implement and evaluate transversal and coordinated policies to increase the inclusiveness of their volunteering schemes. As shown in the experimentation, each national context and “initial situation” in terms of inclusion are different : the recommendations are valid whatever the baseline situation in terms of inclusion is in the different countries. However, their implementation will have to take into consideration country specificities (existing volunteer journey, level of coordination between stakeholders, diversity targets, legal and political framework, monitoring and evaluation in place, etc.) to be as effective as possible.

The strategic recommendations are organised around three main thematic, according to the decision making process of a public policy : define, implement and evaluate.

1/ Define

2/ Implement

3/ Evaluate

Operational recommendations

In accordance with the operational conclusions and perimeter of the IVO4all experimentation, the evaluators recommend that practitioners (coordinating agencies, sending organisations), in partnership with all relevant actors (national and from the receiving countries), (i) adapt their existing practices in order to make international volunteering scheme seen as accessible to all and (ii) add extra levels of support for volunteers with less opportunities. As shown in the experimentation, each national context and “initial situation” in terms of inclusion are different, these recommendations have therefore to be adapted to each national context. The experimentation concentrated on the practices of the sending organisations (and not much on the practices of the receiving organisations) ; this orientation is reflected in the following recommendations. It is recommended that coordinating agencies support organisations to implement these recommendations.

4/ Partnerships

5/ Recruitment and selection

6/ Placement

7/ Support

8/ Quality

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