Recrutement : Project Coordinator and Country Representative, Positive Planet, Lebanon


Project Coordinator and Country Representative
Empowering Host Communities and Syrian Displaced in Lebanon

Positive Planet

By preventing precarious situations from arising, Positive Planet complements the vital work of NGOs that respond to emergency situations. Positive Planet mobilizes its experts in microfinance and entrepreneurship to help those who need assistance in setting up their own businesses and getting funding in order to be independent. Positive Planet also works with private companies by increasing their social influence without hindering their economic development. In this way, Positive Planet allows fragile populations to become completely independent. Positive Planet’s mission is to create conditions of a better world for future generations all over the world. Its headquarters are located in Paris, France, and its activities are carried out in more than 40 countries, managed by local branches in the Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East and in USA.
Positive Planet prioritizes three key accesses : access to entrepreneurship, access to financial services and access to markets.

Positive Planet’s Middle East Regional office is based in Cairo, Egypt.

Positive Planet in the Middle East

Positive Planet International (“PPI”) manages projects in many countries in the Middle East and North Africa (“MENA”) such as Egypt, Lebanon, Tunisia, and Palestinian Territories. Positive Planet International has two permanent offices :

  • Positive Planet Egypt : This office is the coordinating office for PPI’s MENA activities and is dedicated to the development of new projects and managing existing projects in Egypt. It also aims at developing a range of expertise in the region.
  • Positive Planet, Dubai : The office oversees fundraising for the development of new projects in the region besides developing and carrying projects in the UAE.

Project Description

Since 2011, there has been a regular influx of Syrian refugees into Lebanon. Although the exact number is unknown, Lebanon is considered to be the country with the most significant socio-economic burden as a consequence of the Syrian crisis. The estimated number of Syrian refugees is around 1 million. This situation is causing a lot of pressure and tension within the hosting community. The estimated unemployment rate for the Lebanese population is 27%. Though there is no definitive estimation for unemployment amongst Palestinian, Iraqi and Syrian refugees, prevailing estimates put the figure at above 50%.

Makhzoumi Foundation (MF) is a not-for-profit organisation and the local implementation partner for the first phase of the project. It was established in Lebanon in 1997, striving to lead and enforce a better-established society. MF implements its mission through three ongoing programs : Vocational Training, Health Care and Micro Credit, in addition to being the sole implementation partner of UNHCR for Syrian refugees in Mount Lebanon.

The first phase of the project Income Development & Entrepreneurship Acceleration for Lebanese & Syrians (IDEA.LS), started in July 2016 and trainings were completed by March 2018, more than 430 people have completed this rigorous training programme.

  • Vocational training courses of between 24 to 140 hours depending on vocation (hairdressers, male barbers, caterers and beauticians
  • 20 hours of business and entrepreneurship skills training per beneficiary including personal financial management
  • A vocation “kit” to enable beneficiaries to start their business immediately

Overall Project Goal : To reduce the burden on the host communities and enable the most vulnerable of both communities to cope with their hurdles, take control of their finances and enhance their household income and standard of living. Building on the success of the first phase and lessons learnt to reach more beneficiaries and further enable and support graduates to actually start their own income generating projects. And to indirectly improve trust and cooperation between the Syrian displaced and the hosting communities through working together and helping each other attain their goals.

Project Coordination & Reporting – 40%

  • Coordinating and supervising the implementation of the activities
  • Providing support and oversight to other project staff and/or consultants
  • Ensuring effective partnerships with Makhzoumi Foundation and other partners
  • Ensuring respect of internal as well as donors’ procedures in project implementation
  • Drafting deliverables in collaboration with the Project Manager
  • Being in charge of the financial and technical reporting for the donors
  • Monitoring the project expenditures according to the budget and produce the financial reporting with the Administrative and Finance Director in Cairo, Egypt
  • Updating reporting linked to activities and delivering monthly internal reports both on Word Templates and internet platforms
  • Providing beneficiaries testimonies and supporting communication activities

Project Monitoring & Evaluation – 20%

  • Analysing the data provided (attendance, satisfaction, pre/post-test, overall assessment, disbursed toolkits, etc.) and updating the M&E Framework through Sphinx or Stata
  • Proposing solutions to ensuring the attainment of the targets according to the agreed quality standards and based on the results achieved in the course of the project
  • Ensuring ethical and safe implementation and monitoring of tools and mechanisms for evaluation of the project
  • Coordinating closely and reporting to the MENA Regional Director

Technical Expertise – 10%

  • Provide some technical expertise in livelihoods training delivery
  • Support the technical experts and provide some technical expertise in digital platforms mechanisms and set-up
  • Provide some technical expertise on setting up savings and micro-insurance schemes (formal and informal)

Country Representative & Business Development – 30%

  • Contributing to local communication actions linked to the project
  • Organising and participating in different project committees
  • Screening of business opportunities for potential extension of the project to new vocational training or new geographical areas or other new business opportunities for PP in Lebanon
  • Writing proposals to develop Positive Planet International business and presence in Lebanon
  • Meeting stakeholders in the livelihoods, financial inclusion, entrepreneurship, value chain sectors in Lebanon
  • Proposing new projects or ideas to be developed in Lebanon for Positive Planet International
  • Representing Positive Planet International in Lebanon at workshops, seminars or conferences
  • Coordinating closely with the MENA Development Manager


The Project Coordinator and Country Representative’s Line Manager will be the MENA Regional Director, Frances Fraser. The MENA Regional Director is based in Johannesburg, South Africa, and travels every 3 months in MENA (Egypt and/or Lebanon) to follow-up on the implementation of projects.

For the country representation & business development tasks, the Project Coordinator and Country Representative will be required to report to the MENA Development Manager. The MENA Development Manager is based in Dubai, UAE, and travels every 3 months to Lebanon to follow-up on business development issues and the implementation of the projects.

Besides reporting lines, the Project Coordinator and Country Representative will be collaborating closely with Makhzoumi Foundation Local Coordinator for the project and with two managers of the Foundation : The Vocational Training Manager and the Micro-Finance Unit Manager.


  • At least 5 years of professional experience, preferably more
  • Master degree in project management, microfinance development, economics or other related fields
  • Previous experience in the development industry such as financial inclusion, training, vocational training, microfinance, entrepreneurship, livelihoods, etc.
  • Previous experience in project implementation / coordination
  • Previous experience in proposal writing / business development / fundraising
  • Fluency in English and Arabic – ability to work in both languages (both written and spoken)
  • Excellent communication skills (interpersonal, written, oral/presentation) for internal and external reporting
  • Good project management skills including administrative work
  • Good representation skills
  • Good networking skills
  • Good administrative skills, ability to work with authorities and deal with administrative paperwork to take the lead on opening an office in Lebanon
  • Computer literacy in Microsoft Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and knowledge of web-based data management tools such as SAP and SharePoint.
  • Good command of data-based software : Sphinx, Excel (Macro-enabled documents), SPSS or Stata
  • Ability to work in a multicultural team based in different countries
  • Ability to work with autonomy
  • Ability to work with tight deadlines


  • Localisation : Beirut, Lebanon (Likely to start in the premises of the partner organisation)
  • Duration : 6 months (from 15 October 2018 until 12 April 2019) with a possibility and intention of extension, subject to wining new projects in Lebanon and/or raising additional funds for the project
  • Compensation : Based on Positive Planet salary grid
  • Documents to be sent : CV + Motivation letter
  • Deadline for application : 5th October 2018


Please send your cover letter and resume in English to