Foundational Course on the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

The UN System Staff College (UNSSC) Knowledge Centre for Sustainable Development announces the new Foundational Course on the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, 2 May - 3 June 2016, ONLINE. Registrations are now open!


In light of the new transformational development agenda, this online course introduces participants to key conceptual and practical aspects of sustainable development. It focuses on the new elements of the Agenda 2030 ; on how to implement and develop strategies to localize it ; and on the role of data in the review and follow-up framework of the agenda.

The course will equip participants to describe the vision and principles of sustainable development and the Agenda 2030 and identify key lessons from MDGs-track and the significant differences of the new agenda. It further helps UN staff to understand features and role of the SDGs results framework and what essential role the means of implementations and global partnerships play for its success. During the course participants will analyse the role of the UN in supporting national implementation of the Agenda 2030 and learn about the structure and functioning of the review and follow-up framework.

Content overview :

  • Week 1 : Vision and principles of the new agenda ;
  • Week 2 : SDGs results framework ;
  • Week 3 : Means of implementation (financing for development, global partnership and global governance) ;
  • Week 4 : Localization of Agenda 2030 and design of national strategies ;
  • Week 5 : Reviews and Follow-up framework. 

Deadline for enrolment is 25 April 2016.

Registration on line