VSO recruits an IVO4ALL Project Manager

Job purpose : To be the first and main point of contact in the management of the IVO4All project for ICS. The IVO4All Project Manager will have overall responsibility for overseeing the successful implementation of the IVO4All project at ICS. - Location : UK



Project Management of Field Trials & Coordination of UK Steering Committee (70%)

  • To develop, manage and monitor the successful implementation of the 4 IVO4All field trials across the ICS consortium ; pre-assessment support workshops, mentorship programme, adapted pre placement training and additional overseas support provision.
  • Ensure IVO4All UK agencies are appropriately supported with resources and materials, addressing any concerns as they arise.
  • Work with external consultants and facilitators to ensure success of field trials.
  • To coordinate the UK Steering Committee chairing quarterly steering meetings and ensuring youth participation within the experimentation either at Steering Committee or through ongoing focus groups.
  • Coordinate financial reporting, data collection and evaluation reports as required. Respond to issues relating to IVO4All volunteers as they arise.
  • To develop and manage recruitment partnerships with youth sector partners which will recruit volunteers for the IVO4All project.

Key Contact for IVO4All consortium in EU and UK (15%)

  • Be the key contact person for the IVO4ALL project in VSO, ICS and in the EU Consortium. Liaising with France Volontaires on overall project coordination as well as with other partners on the field trial experimentation and evaluation.
  • Respond to information requests, data collection, attending Steering Committee meetings and providing evaluation reports as required.

Support other work associated with project (10%)

  • To work with colleagues in the ICS Hub to support the delivery of the Quality Assurance work package of the programme.
  • To liaise with ICS communications team to respond to requests from the Dissemination and Communication work package.

Coordinate any other aspects of the project (5%)

  • To work closely with the Head of programme delivery to ensure success within the overall ICS programme.
  • Work with VSO and ICS teams to ensure smooth coordination of project, in particular, liaising with relevant teams in VSO such as finance, communications, M&E and systems (Salesforce) to ensure successful implementation of project in line with EU regulations and requirements.

Key Performance Indicators

Project Management of Field Trials & Coordination of UK Steering Committee

  • Timelines and work plans developed for each field trial with clear deadlines for reporting and key milestones to ensure field trial projects are delivered on time.
  • Monitoring processes defined using JobScience.
  • External consultants and facilitators are appropriately hired through VSO procurement and contracts signed.
  • Creation of new resources such as mentorship scheme processes and recruitment, new training sessions, pre-assessment workshop plans etc.
  • Quarterly UK Steering Committee meetings are organised. Regular communication with committee and minutes taken.
  • Internal financial reporting, data collection and evaluation reports are completed as required and in a timely manner. Issues are relating to IVO4All volunteers are dealt with through clear processes.
  • Recruitment partners are established and partnership agreements signed. 100 volunteers are successfully recruited to the IVO4All project.

Key Contact for IVO4All consortium in EU and UK

  • ICS is represented at all IVO4All meetings.
  • All documents are submitted to the EU consortium within deadlines, consortium members know who to contact, information and reports are provided on timely basis.

Support other work associated with project

  • Quality Assurance work package is successfully delivered through creation of a Quality Framework for IVO4All.
  • Requirements of the Dissemination and Communication work package are met such as case study gathering and website and newsletter content.

Coordinate any other aspects of the project

  • Set up processes to manage the budget of approximately £400,000. Procedures established to ensure correct reporting of expenditure as requested by the European Commission and Frances Volontaires. Information and documents are kept up to date and properly stored to ensure compliance and fulfilment of contracts as required by the terms of EU funding. Internal staff teams are kept up to date regularly with project progress.


  • Managing resources- Strength : Leads others to pursue significant or innovative funding opportunities ; finds creative ways to allocate funds and people on complex projects effectively.
  • Delivering results – Strength : Effectively leads large teams or complex projects, generating a goal-oriented, problem-solving team mentality and ensuring timely, high quality results.
  • Leading for the future – Strength : Builds confidence and excitement in VSO’s work and vision, both internally and externally ; leads innovative projects.
  • Working together – Strength Successfully leads teams and develops others’ team working skills
  • Communicating and influencing- Adds value : Proactively builds constructive relationships through clear communication and generates effective discussion and mutual support for plans and ideas.
  • Managing knowledge – Adds Value :
  • Proactively seeks out new knowledge sources (people and data) ; uses and shares knowledge effectively.
  • Striving for excellence – Adds Value : Sets and measures challenging objectives for self and others ; gives evidence-based feedback that helps others to excel.
  • Managing people – Adds value : Builds an effective team with clear objectives ; allocates work appropriately ; deals with poor performance and recognises success.
  • Thinking strategically – Adds Value : Makes decisions based on a range of internal and external factors and long-term impact ; consults widely across disciplines.
  • Developing people – Aware : Gives constructive feedback that helps others identify and meet development needs.

Skills, Knowledge and Experience required


  • Experience managing projects > £100k from inception to completion.
  • Proven ability to prioritise and schedule a demanding and varied workload with the ability to move flexibly within tasks.
  • Experience managing partnerships and relationships with a range of stakeholders
  • Proven experience working with young people from a diverse range of backgrounds, in particular, working with young people from NEET, under-represented or marginalised groups.
  • Knowledge of the challenges faced by young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.


  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Proven ability to work across a number of stakeholders and a variety of teams up to a senior level.
  • Proven ability to prioritise and schedule a demanding and varied workload with the ability to move flexibly within tasks.
  • Proficient in using Microsoft Office


  • Travel to Europe will be required involving overnight stays (up to 4-5 trips per year)
  • Able to work flexibly to attend weekend training events

Desirable Criteria

  • Experience managing, or working on, an EU-funded project
  • Knowledge or experience of international volunteering
  • Previous experience delivering youth-focused programmes in the UK or overseas.
  • Experience using Salesforce.

Contact : emma.henly@volunteerics.org