The JSI-VVVSI scheme

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This is an inter-cultural encounter for young people organised around an action of collective utility taking place internationally or in France.. This project is the result of personal commitment in a collective approach.
It is run by a French association with a local association, acting as host or sending partner, depending on the project.

This project uses a 3-phase methodology : identification/preparation, accomplishment and hand-over.

In 2012, 75 projects were supported in the JSI scheme and 60 in the VVV/SI scheme.

Who ?

  • Young people aged 15 to 25,
  • in groups of 5 to 16.
  • The project provider is a French youth association or one catering for young people. In this case the young person can mobilise other young people and offer this collective international solidarity project to the association.

Why ?

The interest for the host and sending partners : 

  • It fosters local and international citizenship
  • It gives young people the opportunity to commit themselves in activities of development and collective utility and to experience inter-cultural encounters
  • It mobilises and involves young people in 3 phases of the project
  • It highlights young people’s commitment
  • It sets up a partnership relation 
  • It makes possible an activity of development and collective utility

The interest for young people :

  • They take part in an activity of general interest.
  • They experience an inter-cultural encounter
  • They become aware of real international issues
  • They develop their knowledge in the field of international solidarity in the host country, within the other culture, and on just what a project involves
  • They develop aptitudes : living in a group, working in a team, taking on responsibilities, taking initiatives, adapting, taking the long view

How ?

What fields are covered ?

The project being one of international solidarity and development. Examples :

  • Construction / renovation
  • Protection of the environment
  • Leisure activities and culture
  • Promotion of income-generating activities
  • Exchanges of practices

Profile :

Young people aged from 15 to 25, in groups from 5 to 16.

Duration :

In summer, 3 weeks minimum and the rest of the year two weeks, 10 days of which are devoted to activities of development and collective utility.

Supervision and insurance :

These projects are either carried out autonomously or under supervision. The young people are given civil responsibility insurance and travel insurance by the providing association.

Specific arrangement :

Two schemes from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, for the financing of part of the project :
JSI – Jeunesse, Solidarité Internationale
VVV/SI – Ville, Vie, Vacances / Solidarité Internationale

Criteria for eligibility :

See the sections “profile” and “duration” above.

  • Be sponsored by an accredited association for international solidarity
  • Come from “politique de la ville” areas for the VVV/SI scheme
  • Make sure there is a local partnership that is able to mobilise and involve a group of young people working in pairs.
  • Make sure that the action is feasible and sustainable.

Sponsoring : 

The international solidarity project provider must be sponsored by a state-recognised national organisation.
The sponsor :

  • Makes sure the eligibility criteria are respected
  • Advises and guides the provider
  • Helps in writing the request for subsidy
  • Takes the essential administrative and health steps.

The members of one of the following 7 agencies are authorised to sponsor a project :

  • CRID
  • CLONG – Volontariat
  • Solidarité Laïque
  • La coordination d’Agen
  • Le Groupe Initiatives
  • Le FORIM

The technical notes for the JSI et VVV/SI schemes with the subsidy request application are available on the site [Fonjep->], which manages the administration and financing of these schemes ::

How much does it cost ?

The average budget for an international solidarity project is between 25 000 and 35 000 €.

State :

The average sums granted for these schemes varies between 5000 € and 7500 €. 
Co-financing is given by public participants : town councils, local and regional authorities and private donors : foundations, companies, etc.

The young volunteer :

The personal financial share varies from project to project ; it is a minimum of 150 € per volunteer. Project self-financing can be up to 5000 €.

Partner :

The local partner regularly participates in the project budget by promotion or else in kind.

Focus & illustrations

[The 3 DVDs “Esprit d’Ebène” ->], 2008
Six work experiences of young French people. Preparation and thought were given to each experience. Meeting with the young people from the countries concerned, working and living together are sources of mutual enrichment and friendship.