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Voluntary Service Centre network

Voluntary Service Centres are centres for physical and virtual resources dedicated to all those involved in voluntary service (applicants, volunteers and unpaid workers, support structures, departure facilities).
Today, France Volontaires has 25 Voluntary Service Centre throughout the world. 
Each centre has a dedicated Facebook page and is progressively building a Dailymotion channel.
All the information is gathered together by country on the site of [Voluntary Service Centre network.->mailto:http//www.reseau-espaces-volontariats.org/]


The aim of the Observatory of voluntary and interdependent international commitments is to spread awareness of the various ways French citizens can commit themeselves. As a tool for observation, collection and analysis of data, it regularly publishes studies on “VIES” (Volontariats Internationaux d’Echange et de Solidarité, International Exchange and Solidarity Volunteering) in France and abroad. It is run jointly by the LONG-Volontariat, the Fonjep, Cotravaux, RITIMO and CCFD-Terre Solidaire
All the information on the Internet site of the [Observatory.->http://www.observatoire-volontariat.org/]

Latitude France, rubrique Volontariats internationaux

Latitude France is the website for news from the French cultural and cooperation network around the world. France Volontaires provides the information for the page dedicated to international volunteering.
All the information on the international volunteering page of the site [Latitude France->http://www.latitudefrance.org/-Volontariats-internationaux-.html].

Blog Youphil

France Volontaires specifically highlights volunteers on the blog “Volunteers, why not you too ? ” on the Youphil platform, the medium for all solidarity efforts. Every week, members from throughout the world give their experiences.
All the articles on the Volunteers, why not you too ? blog.

Eurosha Blog

Volunteers in the pilot project Eurosha in the EU Aid Volunteers programme, from the European Commission, tell us about their experiences difficulties and successes during their assignment. Volunteer mapping and geographical data specialists collect and circulate data from countries in crisis or post-crisis situations to make international humanitarian aid easier and more effective. 
All the articles on the Eurosha Volunteers blog.

Solidaires du monde blog

Coming soon, the logbook of our volunteer Jérémie Lusseau’s, photographer, who is preparing the photo exhibition “Looking at interdependent commitment” as part of the “2013 : 50 years of international volunteering” celebration. Jérémie shares his impressions and the progress of his journey, capturing moments in the lives of volunteers in Peru, Benin, Morocco, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and India.
Solidaires du monde is “the platform for interdependent bloggers” of the Agence Française de Développement.
All the articles and the first photos on the dedicated blog.


France Volontaires has a Facebook page, giving information on the Network of Espaces Volontariats, and on members, partners, participants and all the news on international volunteering.
It is open to all Internet users, without having to sign up on Facebook. This makes it a way of monitoring the theme.
All the information on the Facebook page of the France Volontaires network.


In the same way as Facebook, the Twitter account also gives information on Volunteer themes and citizenship commitments from members, Voluntary Service Centres, partners and other participants in France, Europe and the world.
All the information on the Twitter account of France Volontaires.


Here you’ll find projects, personal accounts, reports dedicated to volunteers and their support structures. This video library is classified by country and is the ideal way of seeing for yourself the various issues faced by participants, support structures and departure facilities for volunteers.
All the videos of France Volontaires in the world on the Dailymotion channel.


France Volontaires offers you its Netvibes, open to all. It’s a monitoring tool giving a quick look at all the real-time news on digital sites and supports of the platform members. It’s constantly evolving to give ever more complete monitoring of the theme.
All the news is on Netvibes.