Business Partners

An increasing number of businesses are including partnerships in their CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). This partnership has been realised under different forms of patronage: material, financial and skills support. Opportunities for meetings between France Volontaires' member associations and businesses are numerous and reflect the great social and industrial issues of our age.


Life-long training : allows voluntary and united commitment of international collaborators : team-building breaks, skills sponsorship, 3 – 6 month missions, etc.

Talent and diversity : support a unifying international volunteer training experience :

  • co-financing of volunteering missions ,
  • volunteer tutoring,
  • support for their professional project when they return
  • support for projects and programmes which benefit the support of volunteers in developing countries or those in a post-crisis situation.

How ?

France Volontaires is building relations between volunteering organisations and businesses. Based on shared values, the [Volunteering Charter->], these relations are established with all the involved parties. A partnership is established with an intention to sign up for the necessary experimentation period : incubation, maturing, implementation, evaluation, capitalisation, development and distribution.

Financial Patronage

For 3 years, VIVENDI has supported the l’Institut Spécialisé dans les Métiers de Cinéma de Ouarzazate au Maroc (Ouarzazate Specialist Institute in Film Jobs – support in the training of pupils and organisation of meetings under la Tente) Thematic innovation (training of young people for jobs in the film industry), partnership innovation (VIVENDI, French volunteers, a Moroccan state school)…

Co-financing of volunteer missions

In Haiti, the Air France Foundation co-finances a volunteer mission carried out by the Adoption Internationale programme. In Cameroon, the Sosucam Business Foundation cofinanced Xavier’s mission.

Xavier’s story – volunteering in Cameroon
« I came to Cameroon a year ago. The aim of the mission is to support local development initiatives by strengthening Common Initiative Groups (CIG) and associations. Today I am working with a village development committee which is aiming to build a community school for the village. I organise training on the structuring of associative grouping and administrative and financial management. »

Solidarity Leave

During their leave a business’s employee can carry out a 2 or 3 week mission with a partner association, in response to a specific requirement. With the aim of training and passing on knowledge, this mission contributes to strengthening the intervention capacities of the beneficiary association. France Volontaires and Be-Linked launched a study on the subject in October 2012 : [“How solidarity leave is integrated into business employees’ mobilisation practices.”->]

Volunteering associations ensure contributions such logistics, preparation of volunteers, mission structuring, etc. And the business finances the collaborator’s mission.

Some of 2012’s missions :

Benin, organisational diagnostics
Morocco, marketing support
Gabon, HR diagnostics
Peru, IT support
Senegal, communication plan elaboration

Innovating Together

Developing new synergies

Present in several developing countries, we support businesses in identifying well-known and trust-worthy local associations. New partnerships are formed, new ideas become a reality ; we bring our knowledge to stakeholders : optimisation of the local business integration strategy, diagnosis of associations’ needs, etc.

Supporting social entrepreneurship

An emerging movement in developing countries, social entrepreneurship is developing a response in the fight against poverty. Volunteers and businesses both commit to those who are motivated daily by the entrepreneurial spirit.

Developing the involvement of business partners

Collaborators of French, national and SME affiliate businesses : there are more and more wanting to give their time and efforts, with the support of their employer. RSE has been set up in Abidjan, Lima, Rabat and Pnom Penh. France Volontaires supports businesses with the implementation of collaborators’ mobilisation programmes with local associations.

Contact : Jean-Michel Bourreau

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