Les partenaires France

France Volontaire’s collaborators can sign a partnership agreement to strengthen their joint action. A partnership can be based on different actions (training, missions, operations, etc.) but also on different geographical levels (regional, national, European, international).

Here you will find a [list of France Volontaires’ French partners->] (ex-AVFP) since 2006.

How do I become a partner ?


Global voluntary and solidarity involvement today are essentially local in scope. Numerous key players (local organisations, youth or international solidarity networks and associations, training organisations, etc.) promote or support volunteers’ experiences abroad.

France Volontaires works with :

  • the heads of multi-actor regional networks
  • regional groups
  • regional councils
  • départements
  • inter-municipality and town associations
  • the regional management of Youth Sport and Social Cohesion
  • the regional management for Nutrition, Agriculture and Forestry
  • the departmental management for Social Cohesion
  • the Comités Nationaux et Régionaux des Associations de Jeunesse et d’Education Populaire (CNAJEP et CRAJEP – the National and Regional Committees for Youth and Popular Education Associations)
  • The RITIMO network’s regional members and relays : [>]
  • Regional networks for youth information, etc.
  • France Volontaires’ affiliated associations and/or members of national organisations :

Contact : Thomas Cosse

France Volontaires’ affiliated associations and/or members of national organisations

Here you will find the [list of France Volontaire’s international partners->] (ex-AFVP) since 2006.

Download the partnership procedures

Contact : Pierre Soétard