Network of Volunteering Spaces

Volunteering spaces are resource centres, both physical and virtual, dedicated to all actors in volunteering (candidates, volunteers and unpaid workers, host structures and sending structures). The team is generally made up of a national representative, an organiser, a head of communications, a project supervisor and a person responsible for monitoring support.

France Volontaires now has 25 volunteering spaces worldwide.

What do the volunteering spaces do ?

Developing quality volunteer and uniting commitments, Volunteer Spaces :

  • advise and guide volunteers through every stage of their project : how to get involved as a volunteer or welcome a volunteer
  • organise activity regarding :
    • the promotion of different kinds of volunteering and its provision : participate in events, organise specific communication actions, keep volunteers informed, etc. This represents almost a third of EV (Espace Volontaires’) actions.
    • the strengthening of the abilities and skills of the volunteers : by training ; organising workshops based on the volunteers destination or support network, etc. The training offers from the EVs doubled between 2011 and 2012.
    • The better understanding of the volunteer’s host country’s political and cultural context and social environment by using discovery activities, meet ups, debate evenings, etc.
    • enabling those who are part of the volunteering to network with all of the above.

These events happen regularly and are common to all the Volunteering Spaces :

  • French Volunteering Day, the 1st of October In 2012, the JVF brought together 6,000 people in the world and has been held in 18 countries, including France.
  • Intentional Volunteering Day, the 5th of December, organised by the UN.

In 2012, the EV Network carried out more than 400 actions (up 79% compared with 2011).

The development of the volunteering spaces’ training offer

How do we move forward on the support path for volunteers in an international context?
How do we strengthen the volunteers’ welcome structures’ abilities and skills?

Based on practices developed by the Volunteering Spaces, a pilot development project for the training offer was started in September 2012. It intends to better isolated training offers to provide continuity and quality in the volunteers’ support structure, as well as improving the readability and visibility of the Volunteering Spaces Network.

The EVs in Morocco, Togo and Cameroon are taking part in this project. The EVs in Senegal and Cambodia will join during the course of 2013.

All information gathered by countries on the website of Network Spaces Volunteer Positions

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