Overseas programmes

In 2012, France Volontaires gave a new impetus to its overseas interest.

Overseas programmes

On the 16th of January 2012, France Volontaires and [l’Agence de l’Outre-Mer->http://www.ladom.fr/] (LADOM – The Overseas Agency) signed a partnership agreement to further access to International Solidarity Volunteering (VSI) for young people overseas.
This agreement provides for information campaigns, joint work on the identification of missions and candidates, LADOM financial support for participation in training courses and returning support.

Objective : to strengthen local authorities’ capacities to “territorialise” volunteer accompaniment mechanisms : information/guidance/training/sending.

Three programmes have been launched in association with members of France Volontaires :

  • in Martinique with the [Conseil régional->http://www.region-martinique.mq/] (regional council) and [FRANCAS->http://www.francas.asso.fr/], from March 2013 onwards.
  • in New Caledonia through the Programme de service volontaire océanien (PSVO – Oceanian Volunteer Service Programme) with regional institutions and in partnership with [Scouts et Guides de France->http://www.sgdf.fr/], since 2012. 
  • in la Réunion with the [Conseil régional->http://www.regionreunion.com/] (regional council) et the [Conseil général->http://www.cg974.fr/] (local council).

The programmes are based on :

  • the construction of a local offer of international missions in a regional area ;
  • the mobilisation of different types of volunteering : in particular, the International Civic Service and the VSI.

The development of these programmes carried out in partnership with regional overseas institutions, regional actors and member organisations will follow.

  • [Martinique->http://www.france-volontaires.org/-Les-programmes-ultramarins-#La Martinique]
  • [New Caledonia->http://www.france-volontaires.org/-Les-programmes-ultramarins-#nouvelle caledonie]
  • [La Réunion->http://www.france-volontaires.org/-Les-programmes-ultramarins-#la reunion]


In partnership with the Martinican regional council, LADOM, Pôle Emploi, The Civic Service Agency and FRANCAS, France Volontaires is leading a training programme on international mobility for 10 young Martinicans in the International Civic Service destined for Peru.

FRANCAS ensures the smooth running of the mission identification programme, the recruitment of young people and the creation of approval documents. A training plan was specially conceived, made up initially of preparation modules, that monitors the mission and, upon return, resettlement.

The Lima Volunteering space ensures the interfacing with Peruvian partners as well as the monitoring of missions. A Martinican VSI is being mobilised specially for a duration of 12 months in order to accompany the programme and provide follow up support for young people.

On this occasion the Youth Pass will be tested so that the young people in the Civic Service can make the most of their return experience in Martinique. In total, it is made up of 10 missions of 10 months which were launched in March 2013.

Contact :[Michel de March->mailto:m.demarch@france-volontaires.org]

New Caledonia

Launched in 2012 through a partnership between France Volontaires, the Central and Northern Province Government and the Programme du Service des Volontaires Océaniens (PSVO – le Programme du Service des Volontaires Océaniens (PSVO), this is an experimental project founded on three objectives :

    • to contribute to the construction of young people’s identity and citizenship and to the development of their skills
    • to promote exchanges in the Southern Pacific region
    • to contribute to the integration of New Caledonia into its regional area

It is based on the complementary volunteering movement : international projects, the International Civic Service and VSI, and on local support for engagements : increasing the amount of information/guidance, putting departure preparation measures into place, etc.

The involvement of a large number of New Caledonians in the construction and implementation of the programme is a key part of the approach. With this in mind, a steering committee has been formed, bringing together regional institutions, state services and young people, with France Volontaires positioning itself as a support organisation.

2012 saw the finalisation of the concept : the missions were centred around Vanuatu, recruitment and volunteer training. The Scouts and Guides of France supported the launch of these missions and have provided an essential contribution to the Civic Service’s international departure training.

In total, 15 departures are planned for 2013 after the first wave in February 2013 (7 Civic Service departures and 8 for VSI). It is worth noting the expansion of the programme to other partners in 2013 (Southern Province, Loyalty Islands).

Contact :[Gilbert Lamouroux->mailto:gilbert.lamouroux@france-volontaires.org]

AncreLa Réunion

Based on La Réunion island since 2003, la Représentation Régionale de France Volontaires pour la zone Afrique Australe et Océan Indien (AAOI – France Volontaires Regional Representation for the Southern African and Indian Ocean Zones) has been sending VSI and Civic Service volunteers into the AAOI zone to support local structures.

Also almost 10 years ago, conscious of the role that youth can play in the politics of regional co-development in the India-Oceanic and southern and western African regions, the La Réunion region brought together its young people and their cooperative dynamic by co-financing a regional volunteering programme for international cooperation and solidarity with the FEDER cooperation.

Since 2011, the General Council has equally supported La Réunion’s youth in order to drive its cooperation policy. This first partnership agreement with France Volontaires concerns Madagascar, South Africa, Mozambique and India.

Contact :[Christian Jolu->mailto:christian.jolu@france-volontaires.org]

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