The Observatory

The Observatory for Volunteer and international solidarity engagement is an analytical and data-sharing tool with links to International Exchange and Solidarity Volunteering.

The observatory’s missions

The observatory is a knowledge broker for involvement in the field of international solidarity. It is intended to become the reference point for analysis and observation in this sector. A decision-making tool, it supports the piloting and evolution of public policies.

It is intended to bolster the sector’s dynamic, share knowledge on practices, mutualise expertise and methodologies on volunteering, experimentations, innovative practices, quality care, etc. 

The Observatory works with : CLONG Volunteering, FONJEP, RITIMO, CCFD-Terre Solidaire, l’INJEP, The Civic Service Agency, Cotravaux-Observo, la DGER-MAP, Students and Development, International Solidarity Week, etc. but also with local organisations involved in decentralised cooperation with world players who are in contact with those in the field, in social and solidarity-based economies. 
In 2011, the Observatory was certified under the European Year of Volunteering.

Objectives :

  • Taking count of, evaluating and increasing the value of data on volunteering and solidarity commitments abroad, on different themes and at different levels,
  • To encourage all actors to contribute to the improvement of our understanding.
  • To organise the collection, storage and treatment of data (regular analysis) and production
  • To distribute and share the knowledge analysis

The Observatory’s studies

Les études de l’Observatoire

The Observatory produces and co-produces research and analysis work. 
Whether exploratory, knowledge-building or strategic, these studies are intended to shed light on and offer tables of analysis on varies topics : plans, practices, experiences, etc.

The Observatory’s conclusions

Practical and precise, the Observatory’s conclusions come as short studies. They offer an illustrated summary, a global vision and an overall view of the questions that have been dealt with.

Regional VIES

These studies offer an inventory of key players and practices in French regions and partner countries. They focus on the number being sent, organisations’ practices, plans, projects or even volunteers’ experiences.

The Observatory has now published a dozen studies, including regional ones on :

  • Franche-Comté
  • Languedoc-Roussillon
  • Midi-Pyrénées
  • The Philippines
  • Guinea
  • Bolivia
  • Haiti

To its credit, the tri-annual framework convention’s inventory between the state and the VIES Charter signing associations, which expired in October 2012, started a study on the financial participation of volunteers on their mission.

« Mapping out the commitment of voluntary and solidarity commitments abroad ».

The Observatory released a collective publication, mapping out the commitment of voluntary and solidarity commitments abroad. This atlas brings together twenty or so articles written by professors, doctors, etc.

The steering committee : regional information research and analysis group- GRANIT, Injep, Fonjep, CCFD, Cotravaux, Clong Volontariat, etc.

All informations on : Observatory website

Contact :[Ana Gonzalez->]

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