The work of Agrisud International in Huaphan and Oudomxay


The main objective is to improve the agricultural practices and nutritional status of farming families by promoting agro-ecology practices, the diversification of crops and the development of agricultural value-chains.

As a technical assistant, Romane works closely with the provincial coordinators to support the technicians. She evaluates the needs of the local communities for agricultural innovations and provide technical trainings to them, as well as the implementation of agricultural services. Romane and the technicians implement activities which aim to diversify the farming system, maintain the soil fertility, reduce pests and diseases, and increase the crop production. They also promote the use of biopesticides and  biological protection of plants and animals and sensitize farmers on the interest of crop rotations and associations. This project supports the implementation of community seed banks to improve access on diverse types of seeds and facilitate the autonomy of smallholder farmers.

Within the framework of Romane’s work, she often goes to the districts to provide technical trainings for the technicians who are in charge of bringing agricultural practices and new knowledge to farmers. She is also responsible for monitoring the activities, in the fields and with surveys.

For the next step, the project will continue to support the implementation of agricultural services to farming families, improving agricultural practices through practical trainings, raising awareness on environmental issues due to overuse of chemical inputs, and contribute to the empowerment of farmers and their community with strong and sustainable value-chains, from inputs to sale.

All these activities improve the autonomy of farmers, increase their incomes and make them less vulnerable to natural disasters by building sustainable farming systems which preserve the natural resources and biodiversity, integrate them in the economic system and foster social equity.