International volunteering and reciprocity


Opening to others, sharing and cultivating our differences, enriching our relationships and our actions

– Contextual elements –

In this ever-changing world, where living together is proving more and more challenging for all societies, the principle of reciprocity in civic commitments is necessary to nourish better balanced relationships between countries.

When you work together, crossing social and professional cultures, based on a mutual enrichment through cultures and shared differences, this promotes open mindedness, repect of others, otherness and creativity, all of which help societies to change and promote peace among their inhabitants.

For over 50 years, young French adults have been able to show their solidarity to populations in partner countries in the framework of volunteering missions, but young adultus from these countries did not have the same opportunity in France.

Since 2010 this has been possible in France, with a law on civic service which allows all countries that host French volunteers to send young adults to France to do a civic service commitment.

– Reciprocity volunteerism –


Civic Service allows reciprocity voluntarism commitments abroad. Which effectively means for Philippines : some French volunteers come to work in the Philippines and young Filipino can also become civic service in France.

The volunteerism work must be created through a partnership between a French and Filipino organization. For a duration of 6 to 12 months. The mission must be approved by the Civic Service Agency in France.

The volunteer is supported by the Civic Service Agency (monthly allowance, insurance), the host organization in France (transport, accommodation, supplementary insurance). France Volontaires Philippines contribute to help him/her in the process of obtaining a visa.

The Filipino organization ensures the reception and reintegration of the volunteer once he/she back in the Philippines.

– Goals –


– Allowing young adultus in partner countries to have a volunteering experience in France in the spirit of cross-cultural and global citizenship, blending commitment and acquisition of skills

– Promoting international solidarity in France, through original partnerships, to French citizens and broadly speaking, to young international citizens

– Sparking an ambitious reflection on how to host international volunteers in France