Training on Website Management

Congés de solidarité, Moins d’un mois, en Indonésie

The partner

Yayasan BIOMA (BIOMA Foundation, simply called as BIOMA) is a non-governmental organization based in Samarinda, East Kalimantan (Borneo Island) established in 1998 ( BIOMA has a vision of "Sustainability of the functions and benefits of natural resources and environment for the sustainability of all creatures including human well being, especially local communities". To achieve this vision, BIOMA has a mission of "to promote the community’s awareness and participation and to support policies and efforts in the protection and sustainable use of natural resources and the environment as a gift of God Almighty".

BIOMA already has a website and have gotten benefits from it for organizational promotion, program advocacy, and other communication activities. Website is now generally become the most effective and powerful tool for communication. The existing website is managed and updated regularly, but all contents are still in Bahasa Indonesia. The web presentation remains the same from time to time, and they feel their web is not attractive and need to be improved.
BIOMA has 2 staffs assigned specifically to maintain and to update the content of the web regularly, but it is done in simple way because of the limitation on technical skills. In the process of updating, there is no prior verification or check from the Management so that sometimes there are mistakes, incomplete contents, etc.

Websites and the internet are the most effective and powerful communication tools for reaching broader audiences. BIOMA realizes if they have to reach the target of the international community, because the issues that are working cannot be separated from international environmental issues.
Today, the organization needs to improve the lay out and content of the website and use the internet tool to manage the website properly. The staffs assigned by BIOMA currently have limited technical skills on internet, so the mission on website management/development is highly relevant and suits to the needs of the organization.

In addition, BIOMA wants to have a website in English so that the volunteer missions are expected to help the organizations in creating pages in English.

The mission

The mission will be conducted in Samarinda City, Indonesia.

The mission should cover the improvement of knowledge and technical skill on website management of BIOMA staffs, which is in turn, will improve the organization’s web performance.

The mission is expected to include :

  •  Introduction to website and communication strategy
  •  Website development and maintenance
  •  Improving design and lay out
  •  Improvement of web presentation.
  •  Other relevant technical skills (how to use SEO - search engine optimizer, how to increase web visitor, make link with other relevant website, monitoring number of visitors)
  •  Interactive page with audience
  •  Integration of website with social media.The method of the mission will be preferably interactive and promoting hands-on experience. The training schedule will be flexible but, but in general can be conducted during office hour.

Pour postuler, rendez-vous sur le site Internet de Planète Urgence.

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